REIKO® Creating New Dreams and Excitement


President's Message

Creating new dreams and excitement as we approach a new age of technological change.

President-Director JUNICHI IWAI
President-DirectorJUNICHI IWAI

We at REIKO Co., Ltd. strive for the "Creation of Dreams and Fascination." This corporate philosophy means the central concern of management should be the joy of people. It admonishes us that the organization should not take priority over achievement of these aims. Our technology of vacuum deposition and film coating can create thin films less than a micron thick, which can provide a variety of functions. This technology opens up unlimited possibilities in ways to respond to the demands of the times. It is our dream to continue to play a part in providing such responses. No matter how times may change, machines will never have creativity. Creativity only exists in people who can be fascinated and can grow. We aim to be a group of such people.

Corporate Philosophy

Creating New Dreams and Excitement

We will enlarge the ring of trust by concentrating on high quality.
We will foster a generous spirit and strive to preserve the natural environment.
will contribute to the future by creating value.

Reiko has an established management philosophy. This philosophy is the basis of our corporate activities at Reiko, and underpins the existence and actions of each member of our company.

Corporate Goal

We will endeavor to deepen our knowledge of the fine coating of film, our core technology, and to enhance the level of our operations. We will develop, manufacture, and supply to the entire world superior products, with due consideration to environmental preservation, and in this way contribute to making people's lives richer and more satisfying.

Basic Policy


We will widen the circle of trust, with an emphasis on quality.
•We will work to improve to meet ISO precision and implement such standards to boost quality.
•We will strive to learn and to refine production and management techniques to improve quality to even higher levels.
•We will endeavor to manufacture high-quality products based on an attitude that values the customer.


We will contribute to the future with highly creative development work.
•We will provide the market with new value through speed, originality, and passion.
•We will create a high level of value through activities that anticipate the latent and apparent needs of the market.
•We will develop highly functional products well suited to the market, with due consideration for the global environment.


We will endeavor to train our personnel to have a rich and generous spirit.
•We will train our personnel to find their own way with enthusiasm and originality, undaunted by adversity, and to boldly take on new challenges.
•We will train our personnel to see things through to the end, in a spirit of autonomy, and making full use of their knowledge and experience.
•We will work continuously to foster Reiko employees who have a rich and beautiful spirit that makes them a credit to society.


Corporate logo

Corporate logo
Corporate logo is based on the letter r, the first letter in the name Reiko. The five lines represent thin-film layers and our five core technologies, while the sphere represents the earth. The logo expresses our stance as an environmentally friendly company that is endeavoring to play an active role in the world through thin-film processing technology.
Brand logo
Brand logo extends the lower descending stroke of the letter R in a manner evoking film. It expresses our efforts to explore all the possibilities of thin film, from the micron through the nanometer level. The logo represents Reiko’s desire as a company to continue to meet the needs of customers in the years to come.