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Privacy Policy

Reiko adheres strictly to the laws of Japan with regard to private information collected from users of this Web site in order to respect the privacy of individuals and assure that their rights are protected. In addition, the following policy applies to the handling of such private information.

  • Uses for private information
    Reiko may collect private information, to the extent necessary, from users requesting information or contacting the company. This private information is used for the following purposes.
    ・ To enable Reiko to respond reliably to inquiries from users.
    ・ To enable Reiko to supply users with products, services, and related information.
    ・ The user will be informed beforehand in cases where private information is to be collected for purposes other than the above./dd>
  • Disclosure to third parties
    Reiko will not disclose to third parties private information collected from users, except in the following cases.
    ・ Cases where it is necessary to disclose private information to affiliated companies in order to enable appropriate responses to user inquiry.
    Note: Every effort shall be made to ensure that the company to which the private information is disclosed has appropriate policies for managing such information.
    ・ Cases where it is necessary to disclose private information to a subcontractor or affiliated business within the scope of use that has been clearly stated beforehand.
    ・ Cases where the consent of the user has been obtained.
    ・ Cases where disclosure is required by law.
  • Safety measures
    Private information collected from users shall be managed under the supervision of personnel responsible for information management. These personnel shall endeavor to protect this private information by implementing rational and appropriate measures to prevent outflow of information and to guard against unauthorized access or falsification.
  • Verification, amendment, deletion, and addition by users of their own private information
    In response to requests from users to verify, amend, delete, or add to their own private information, Reiko shall take appropriate action once the identity of the user has been confirmed.
  • Revision of the above policy
    The above policy on the handling of private information may be amended as appropriate in response to changes in applicable laws, etc.

Site usage guidelines

This Web site is operated by Reiko Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “Reiko”). Usage of the Web site is subject to agreement to the conditions listed below. Persons using the Web site are assumed to have agreed to all of these conditions. Note that the usage conditions are subject to change without notice. Please confirm the latest information before using the Web site.

  • Copyright
    The text, photos, illustrations, moving images, etc. (hereinafter “content”) on this Web site are protected under the copyright laws, treaties, and other laws of various countries. As a general rule, except for personal use or within the range of uses clearly recognized under applicable laws, this content may not be adapted, duplicated, modified, reproduced, distributed, or publicly transmitted without prior written consent from Reiko.
  • Trademark rights
    The Reiko company name used on this Web site is a trade name. In addition, product names, etc., are trademarks or registered trademarks in Japan. The Reiko trade name and trademarks are protected under the Trademarks Law, the Unfair Competition Prevention Law, and other laws. They may not be used without the express consent of Reiko.
  • Disclaimer
    Reiko updates and manages the information on this Web site with scrupulous care, but some of the material on the site may not always reflect the most recent information. In addition, Reiko makes no guarantee that the information on the Web site is free of errors or regarding its usefulness. Reiko assumes no responsibility for problems, loss, or damage arising because of information on the Web site or due to use of the Web site. In addition, the Web site and the content of the Web site are subject to change, modification, deletion, or discontinuation without notice.
  • Links
    Links to this Web site
    As a general rule, anyone is free to link to this Web site. However, when linking to the Web site please indicate the company name “Reiko Co., Ltd.” or “Reiko.” Note that Reiko may refuse to allow linking in some cases due to the content of the linking Web site or the method in which the link is implemented.
    Links from this Web site to other Web sites
    This Web site may include links to third-party Web sites other than Reiko. These links are provided only for the convenience of users, and Reiko bears no responsibility for the content of the Web sites referenced by the links. When using an outside Web site linked to from the Reiko Web site, please strictly observe any usage rules that apply on that site.
  • Browser software used to access and view the Web site
    To enjoy the most pleasant experience browsing and using this Web site, the following browser software is recommended.
    Windows® Internet Explorer® 11.0 or more
    Google Chrome® Latest edition
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    Note: Windows and Internet Explorer are registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries.
    Note:Mac Os and Safari are registered trademarks or trademarks of Apple, the United States and other countries.
    Note:Mozilla Firefox are registered trademarks or trademarks of Mozilla Foundation in the United States and other countries.
  • Plugins
    This Web site includes content that uses moving images (Flash), PDF, etc. Installation of the following plugins is recommended in order to view such content.
    Adobe® Flash™ Player ││ This plugin enables the display of Flash animations.
    (Locations used: Top page, etc.)
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    (Locations used: Environmental Information page, etc.)
    Note: Adobe Flash Player and Adobe Reader are registered trademarks or trademarks of Adobe Systems, Inc., in the United States and other countries.
  • JavaScript
    Some of the services, etc., offered on this Web site include pages that use JavaScript. In order to use these services, JavaScript must be turned on (enabled) in the user’s Web browser.
  • Prohibited actions
    ・ Actions infringing on the assets or privacy of third parties or Reiko, as well as actions it is feared may cause such infringement.
    ・ Actions intended to defame or libel, or to intimidate or damage the reputation of third parties or Reiko.
    ・ The use or distributing of harmful programs such as computer viruses, as well as actions it is feared may have such effects.
    ・ Actions in violation of the law or of legally binding regulations.
    ・ Actions involving false statements or representations with the purpose of recording information such as the e-mail addresses of others.
  • Applicable laws and court jurisdiction
    The usage of this Web site and the interpretation and application of the “Site usage guidelines” shall be based on the laws of Japan. In addition, the court having jurisdiction as the court of first instance for all disputes relating to the usage of the Web site shall be the Kyoto District Court, unless otherwise specified.