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Functional Film

These film products provide a variety of characteristics to meet specific applications. Example include films with electrical conductivity, electrical insulation, and glare suppressing properties. We use an extensive knowledge of an array of materials and sophisticated thin-film processing technology to develop film to match the characteristics and application of the client’s end product. Our highly functional film products are used extensively in fields such as precision electronics.

Optical Applications

[Anti-Reflective Film]VISUALIGHT

[Anti-Reflective Film]VISUALIGHT®

This film suppresses light reflection from glass or plastic panels while maintaining superior transparency.

●Reduces glare by suppressing reflection.●Clearer, more legible displays.●High light transmittance.
●Highly rigid, resists scratching.●Excellent brightness and transparency.
PDP front panels, mobile phones, PDA screens, etc.

[Highly Reflective Film]LUIREMIRROR

[Highly Reflective Film]LUIREMIRROR®

Available in two types, mirror reflective and light dispersing, this type of film is essential for boosting the brightness of LCD panels.

●Extremely high reflectivity.●Superior resistance to light, corrosion, and moisture.
●Available in different thicknesses.●Ideal for LCD panels.
Mobile phones, digital cameras, projection TVs, etc.

[Highly Rigid Anti-Glare Film]DIAHARD

[Highly Rigid Anti-Glare Film]DIAHARD®

Combining 90% transmittance of visible light with anti-dazzle properties, this film is highly rigid and durable.

●Polyester film with special coating.●Suppresses reflectivity.
●Available in many anti-glare levels.●Highly rigid, resists scratching.●Visible light transmittance of 90%.
●Superior resistance to moisture, heat and light.
Touch screens for ATMs, goggle lenses, etc.

[High Barrier Fim]VERREAL

[High barrier Fim]VERREAL®

It's a highly transparent film has water vapor barrier property.

●Highly transparent Ultra high barrier film with superior water vaper barrier.●Capability to expand to large sizes.
●Extreme flexibility.
OLED products, Solar cells, Electronic paper, etc.

[Transparent Conductive Film]ELESWAY

[Transparent Conductive Film]ELESWAY®

Highly reliable and flexible ITO film with high transmittance and low noise characteristics, and less optical variance between etched and non-etched parts.

●The surface resistivity is 150Ω/□. High light transmittance and loe haze.●There are differences between the etching parts and the non-etching parts in optical characteristics.●No need to anneal.
●Excellent durability and etching aptitude.●Metal layer: Pure-Cu and Cu/Cu-nickel are processible.
Touch panels for smart phones and tablet PCs

Materials for Electrical Applications

[Anti-Static Film]ELECUT

[Anti-Static Film]ELECUT®

This transparent film blocks external static electricity and protects internal components against frictional electrification.

●Polyester film base.●Cuts static electricity.●Cuts static electricity.
●Prevents frictional electrification of package contents.●Available in a version suitable for heat sealing.
Packaging for IC chips, LSI devices, printed circuit boards, etc.

[Water Vapor Barrier Film for Industrial Use] FINE BARRIER KW

[Water Vapor Barrier Film for Industrial Use]FINE BARRIER®KW

This film combines superior transparency, light weight, and excellent barrier performance against oxygen and water vapor.

●Can be combined with a variety of polyester film base materials. ●Superior water vapor and gas barrier characteristics. ●Highly durable. ●Ideal for use in photovoltaic cell. ●Eco friendly used glass component.
Solar power cells, etc.

[Special Removable Film]FINEPEEL

[Special Removable Film]FINEPEEL®

Used in the production process for electronic devices, this film provides excellent heat resistance. A wide variety range of peeling characteristics is available.

●Polyester film with a peel-off coating. ●Excellent heat and other characteristics. ●Available at many peel-off force levels. ●Many peel-off coatings available. ●Low heat shrinkage.
Process film for substrates and capacitors, peel-off photosensitive film, etc.