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Package Material Film

Our line of packaging material products are suitable for a variety of applications. They include film, used as packaging for food products, that combines excellent design potential while blocking water vapor and gas to preserve the quality of the contents. We also produce film that promotes the ripening of agricultural produce.

Aluminum Vapor Deposited Film

[Aluminum Vapor Deposited Polyester Film]DIALUSTER

[Aluminum Vapor Deposited Polyester Film]DIALUSTER®

This film offers effective light blocking, barrier performance, heat resistance, and suitability for printing, and can also be laminated.

●Superior water vapor and gas barrier performance. ●Blocks ultraviolet, visible, and infrared light. ●Locks in flavor. ●Aluminum deposition for excellent adhesion strength. ●Highly suitable for printing or laminating. ●Beautiful metallic luster.
Wrapping for food products and miscellaneous items, industrial material, etc.

[Aluminum Vapor Deposited Polypropylene Film]SUNMIRROR

[Aluminum Vapor Deposited Polypropylene Film]SUNMIRROR®

Protects food from humidity, oxygen, and ultraviolet light, while preventing moisture and aroma from escaping.

●Heat sealing properties. ●Superior water vapor and gas barrier performance. ●Blocks ultraviolet, visible, and infrared light. ●Highly suitable for laminating. ●Beautiful metallic luster. ●Aluminum deposition for excellent adhesion strength.
Packaging for snack foods, candy, frozen foods, etc.

Transparent Deposited Film

[Transparent Vapor Deposited Film]FINE BARRIER

[Transparent Vapor Deposited Film]FINE BARRIER®

Excellent transparency and printing characteristics, with industry-leading barrier performance against moisture, oxidation and gas permeability.

●Colorless and transparent, allowing clear display of package contents. ●Superior water vapor and gas barrier performance. ●Ideal for retort pouches and boiling. ●May be used in microwave ovens and will not set off metal detectors. ●Locks in flavor. ●Ecologically friendly, contains no chlorine.
Packaging for cookies and other foods, drugs and electronic components, etc.

Deposited Films for Agricultural Applications

[Vapor Deposited Film for Agriculture]MULCHMIRROR

[Vapor Deposited Film for Agriculture]MULCHMIRROR®

This film is highly reflective of the sun's rays while promoting photosynthesis and providing protection against insects. It is also extremely durable.

●High reflectivity. ●Strong, stretches and is resistant to tearing. ●Keeps out birds and insects. ●Promotes photosynthesis. ●Inhibits ground warming in summer. ●Inhibits weed growth.
Reflective sheeting for fruit trees, light blocking sheeting for seedlings, reflective films for flowers and vegetables, etc.